(Soheil khodabandeh ; born 29 August 1987), singer, composer, arranger, sound engineer, From Iran/Tehran.

From the age of 15, he showed his interest in music by playing the classical guitar, and after two years, he entered the world of making and arranging music. He has been making and producing professional music for professional singers in his personal studio for about 15 years. Now he has several international collaborations with foreign singers in the field of composing music and singing

Soheil Khodabandeh has great abilities in composing songs and various melodies, electronic and acoustic arrangements and arrangements in most of the world branches, especially in styles (hip hop, RNB, pop and Iranian rhythms, trance and house, rock, Retro, dance and electro house, fusion, a combination of classical and modern Iranian styles).

Hit songs that soheil khodabandeh produced them:

  • Amir tataloo
    • 1- fargh daram az dame ba ina 1
    • 2- fargh daram az dam ba ina 2
    • 3- khalseh
    • 4- ki mesle to (official version)
    • 5- ki mesle to (remix version)
    • 6- toam fereshtam naboodi
    • 7- khalseh
    • 8- man 2 (unplugged version)
  • 25 band
    • 1- delm ab shod
    • 2- hazrate yar

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